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Preplanning  Options


Pre-planning- At the time of death, there are many decisions that need to be made. Having all your vital information and final wishes on file at Webster Funeral Home assures you the confidence your wishes and desires will be handled. This has provided peace of mind to others knowing all their affairs are in order. A well-written preplanned funeral has provided comfort to families during the funeral planning conference.


Pre-planning payment options


There is no charge to meet with Webster Funeral Home and put your final wishes in writing. Your wishes will be kept on file ready to be implemented when the time arrives. 


Single payment. Many times people plan a funeral for a loved of or friend that is exercising medicaid spending down planning. This is a process that allows people to set monies aside for their funeral plans. There are limits to the funding amounts and methods that can be explained by our staff. 


Payment plans are available. Webster Funeral Home has several options to help ease the cost of funeral planning. The Funeral Directors at Webster Funeral home will provide payment options at your pre-planning conference. 


Contact our staff today to start your planning process. 

What is pre-planning?

There are two phases to pre-planning:


  • Pre Arrangements - Pre Arrangement involves the selection of funeral-related services and products.

  • Pre-Funding - Pre-funding means paying for the selected services and products in advance.


Why Pre-Arrange?


  • Provides time to plan a ceremony that is meaningful for survivors and reflective of one's personal wishes.

  • Reduces the likelihood of emotional overspending, indecision, and/ or possible family conflicts.


Why Pre-Fund?


  • Advanced payment serves as a hedge against inflation by paying for tomorrow's funeral at today's prices.

  • Protects financial assets in the event of the need to apply for SSI/Medicaid assistance for long-term health care.

  • An important aspect of a comprehensive estate plan.

  • Provides peace of mind.


When to Pre-Plan?


  • After any significant transition or lifestyle change; a birth of a child, the death of a family member, and/ or before health begins to decline.

  • When considering estate planning options; make a will, prior to preparing for any type of public assistance.

  • When considering senior living options (Independent or Assisted).


Who should Pre Plan?

Those who:


  • Recognize the inevitability of death and are willing to consider it in their planning.

  • Feel pre-planning would be a valuable sharing experience with family members.

  • Want to provide guidelines for survivors.

  • Want to have services in place they no longer reside.

  • Have no close relatives.


How to Pre-Plan?

Call us anytime and we will schedule a time to come in and talk about all of your options. Once we meet with you, the information we will go over:


  • Record important personal biographical and statistical information in a permanent file here at the funeral home.

  • Select a plan for numerous elements of a meaningful and personalized funeral or memorial ceremony.

  • Choose the appropriate memorialization items which may include burial or cremation caskets, vaults, cremation urns, flowers, and or permanent grave markers.

  • Decide on a prepayment option, if desired, to secure prices and assure survivors are not faced with unexpected costs at the time of death.



Information courtesy of Ohio Funeral Directors Association website 

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