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Webster Funeral Home, Fairfield Ohio is family owned and operated. Experience care and comfort as if you were part of the Webster Funeral Home family. 

We treat you like family.

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Our burial services include; 

Traditional burial services which include a visitation, wake, or time for family and friends to gather.


Direct burial is a service that includes burial at a cemetery without public visitation or a wake. 


Bouquet of Flowers


Cremations services have many options. 

Traditional Full-Service Cremation allows for family and friends to have a public visitation or wake and service. After the service is complete then the cremation is arranged. 

Direct Cremation Service is a service that does not provide for public visitation or a wake. After the necessary legal documents are filed the cremation is arranged. 

Be sure to discuss all your wishes during the arrangement conference.

Memorial Names

Memorial Services

A Memorial Service is a time for family and friends to gather and remember. A memorial service does not have the remains of your loved one at the service. It is a time to reflect and remember a life that one.

Planning a memorial service is much like planning a funeral service. 

Flowers Candles Funeral
Angel statue
American War Cemetery
Memorial Red Rose
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